IBIN Introduced into Billion Dollar Blockchain Market by Hybrid Stock Exchange

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hybrid Stock Exchange, a blockchain based trading platform using the released IBIN as a blockshare identifier, are all set to adopt innovative features to sustain the needs of the ever growing industry. Watch the HYBSE trailer here: http://www.hybse.com

The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a 12 character code that uniquely identifies a specific security, such as stocks, and is the most popular global securities identifier. With the pre-registration for issuers and users opened, the DIM Ecosystem introduces the International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN), a 13 digit, unique serial number used by a company for listing on the Hybrid Stock Exchange or other Blockchain Exchanges.

Tradable securities on HYBSE currently include Cryptonized equity, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange-traded commodities, index, and more. Any issuers are able to apply for their IBIN at no charge. This limited time offer is available until August 31, 2018 or for the first 75 companies that register. More on http://www.ibin.io

The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is a p2p, quantity-committed, secure, private and robust digital medium of exchange, built upon the NEM blockchain protocol.

Cryptonized assets such as intellectual property or company equity will be available to blockchain and average users through the gateway of HYBSE. DIM Currencies and cryptonised assets can be managed across the globe via computers and handheld devices using a state-of-the-art blockchain wallet called DEPOTWALLET with the mobile version currently in testing phase and soon to be released. The user friendly registration process includes a well thought out KYC model for issuers and users as well as a comprehensive due dillegence process for companies.

Mainstream equity markets suffer from downsides such as limited access for the average person due to very expensive fees, difficult registration proccesses with long waiting periods and challenging interfaces. HYBSE‘s blockchain-based platform looks to eliminate hurdles by allowing issuers and investors to conduct business on a secure and efficient platform. Lower costs, transparency, user friendly web interface, P2P trading, robust security, and the availability of a large pool of financial instruments are benefits enjoyed by HYBSE users.

HYBSE license of Dealers in Securities in Vanuatu, No. 17911.


DIM Foundation Ltd
Uros Trajkovic
Phone +2787 701 0914

Eze Software Partners with Sherpa Funds Technology on Risk Modeling

Rigorous Data Governance Elevates Portfolio Construction

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#FinTech--Eze Software, a provider of global investment technology, has partnered with Sherpa Funds Technology to offer advanced portfolio construction and factor analytics capabilities to its clients. Sherpa provides tools that help funds build portfolios that dynamically express investment managers’ alpha decisions, their risk appetite and market conditions. The technology enables portfolio managers to deliver more consistent and better returns whilst matching the risk exposure objectives of investors and consultants.

“We are always looking for ways to help our clients simplify their portfolio construction processes, enabling them to generate better returns while minimizing unwanted risk,” said R.G. Manalac, Managing Director, Asia Pacific. “This partnership will enable our users to account for all their business goals while optimizing their portfolios by accessing Sherpa’s time-tested models and processes, aided by Eze OMS.”

Clients can specify criteria they want their portfolios to follow, including liquidity, style factor, yield and sector exposures, access Sherpa’s powerful risk portfolio and performance analytics, and receive a portfolio construction that best expresses their alpha. The suggested portfolio can then be seamlessly loaded into Eze OMS and implemented.

“Partnering with Eze allows Sherpa to deliver its state-of-the-art portfolio processes to Eze's client base with very little integration overhead,” said Richard Waddington, CEO of Sherpa. “This added functionality extends Eze's operational and execution strengths into the decision-making area, where Portfolio Managers, Investor Relations and CIOs can design and deliver product that expresses Alpha in a way that matches their investors’ wishes.”

About Sherpa Funds Technology
Founded in 2013, Sherpa is the result of 20 years of risk and trading experience, coupled with a deep quantitative approach and delivered by powerful computational engines. Sherpa delivers enhanced process and analytics to multi-billion asset managers of all types, helping them make the most of their decision-making by applying their ideas in their portfolios in a consistent and rigorous way. Sherpa believes strongly that by using computer power and structured data they can help clients implement their decisions in a manner that enhances their business. For more information, visit www.SherpaFundsTech.com.

About Eze Software
Eze Software is a global leading provider of investment management software solutions designed to optimize operational and investment alpha throughout the entire investment process. Eze Software provides the platform for growth for the entire investment management community, maximizing efficiencies across order management, trade execution & analytics, portfolio analytics & modeling, compliance & regulatory reporting, commission management, and portfolio & investor accounting. For more than 20 years Boston-based Eze Software has been driving innovation in financial technology. Today, Eze Software partners with more than 2,500 buy- and sell-side institutions in 45 countries from their 14 offices worldwide. For more information, visit www.ezesoft.com.


For Eze Software
Veronica Belitski, +1 212-506-7523
For Sherpa Funds Technology
Richard Waddington/Craig McGee, +65 6410 9225

Microland Launches ‘Digital Council-in-a-box’ with a Set of Unique Digital Accelerators for UK Councils

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AgileIT--Microland, a Digital Accelerator, today announced the launch of ‘Digital Council-in-a-box,’ a solution that empowers Councils and local bodies provide superlative Citizen experience at reduced cost of operations. This unique solution allows Councils to leverage NextGen technologies to enhance their citizen service effectiveness, increase employee productivity, reduce cost to serve, and improve overall citizen engagement.

Digital Council-in-a-box currently comprises of 3 Digital Accelerators –

‘Citizen First’ Accelerator – with smart usage of chatbots and interfaces like Siri or Alexa, this can be used to receive Council information, apply for a job opening, ask for waste collection or even book a restaurant. Microland’s social listening platform offers insights on positive and negative sentiments from citizens at large, allowing Councils to focus on real issues in real time, thereby creating a superlative user experience.

‘One Council’ Accelerator – this brings together various internal departments on a single mobile app for the Council employee. Applying for leave, celebrating colleague birthdays, getting Council related news, enrolling for new training programs is now possible through a single, user-friendly mobile interface.

‘Agile IT’ Accelerator – every Council and local body has a Cloud first strategy. This accelerator makes is easy to migrate legacy applications to cloud, transform networks to leverage SDN technologies, manage the complex hybrid cloud environments through predictive analytics and 24X7 managed services through fully compliant (soon to be CES+, BS10012 and ISO27001 certified) Digital Hub delivered through SC / NPVV certified Microlanders.

“Leveraging our G-Cloud 9 status, ‘Digital Council-in-a-box’ offers a modular yet integrated, secured and compliant platform that allows Councils to take a tiered approach to digital transformation. Reduced cost of operations by 30%, a 30% faster time to market with significant improvements in performance and technology alignment with Council operations, are just some of the benefits of this unique solution. The Microland team has a remarkable track record of personalized client management and maintaining strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and others, allowing us to craft high-performance digital accelerators for our customers,” said Sandy Hardikar - Senior Vice President and Geo Head, Microland Europe.

“There is increasing digitalization in citizens’ way of living that stems from growing expectation of personalized and customized citizen services. Changes in the societal and economic arenas are driving government agencies and leaders to rethink how they design and create public services for the future. Adopting a solution like Microland’s Digital Council-in-a-box will help government bodies create a more digitalized public services experience putting citizens’ needs first. This innovative offering stems from our endeavor to be a Digital Accelerator to enterprises and Government institutions and ultimately result in efficient and accelerated enterprise and public services,” said Pradeep Kar - Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Microland Limited.

About Microland:
Microland accelerates the Digital Transformation journey for global enterprises enabling them to deliver high-value business outcomes to their customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Microland has more than 3,800 professionals across its offices in Australia, Europe, India, Middle East and North America. Microland enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative by integration of emerging technologies and the application of automation, analytics and predictive intelligence to their business processes.

For more info: https://www.microland.com


Arun KR

ドローンが捉えた廃墟の街 イエメン内戦の最前線 – CNN Japan

CNN Japan

ドローンが捉えた廃墟の街 イエメン内戦の最前線
CNN Japan
フォトジャーナリストのガブリエル・カイム氏がタイズの街でドローン(小型無人機)を飛ばして撮影を行った。その映像からは、サウジ空軍の戦力から逃れられた壁はほとんど存在していないことが見て取れる。そして、時には、フーシによる爆撃からも。 米首都ワシントンから来た ...

矢崎総業は車内ネットワークを見える化、EEDDSを描く…人とくるまのテクノロジー2018 – レスポンス


同社は、エンジンやブレーキなどのクルマの基本機能を制御する機器をつなぐ走行系ネットワーク、車内外の画像や情報を扱う機器をつなぐ情報系ネットワーク、ヘッドライトやエアコンなどの安全系および快適環境を提供する機器をつなぐボディー系ネットワーク、負荷を駆動する ...

テラドローン、ドローン運行管理システムアプリと自動付帯保険サービスを提供 – 保険市場タイムズ


テラドローン株式会社は5月18日、ドローン飛行の安全管理を目的とするTerra UTM(ドローン運行管理システム)のアプリ販売と、同アプリ利用時に自動的にドローンの対人・対物賠償保険に加入する東京海上日動火災保険株式会社のUTM自動付帯保険サービスを始めると発表 ...

“そのまま使える”トポロジー最適化を搭載 – 3D CADツール「Creo 5.0」の新機能 – ニコニコニュース


"そのまま使える"トポロジー最適化を搭載 - 3D CADツール「Creo 5.0」の新機能
近年、精度の向上により、試作だけでなく製造の手段としても注目されている3Dプリンタ。「Creo 5.0」では、金属プリントに関するナレッジを有するMaterialise(マテリアライズ)とのパートナーシップにより、「Creo Additive Manufacturing Plus Extension for Materialise」を追加した ...

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世界54カ国で50万台以上のネットワーク機器に感染するマルウェア「VPNFilter」、作成には国家が関与している疑い – GIGAZINE


シスコのセキュリティ部門であるTalosが、世界54カ国で50万台以上のルーターやNASが「VPNFilter」と呼ばれるマルウェアに感染していることを報告しました。このマルウェアは「情報収集」「通信の妨害」「サイバー攻撃」などの高度な機能を持ち合わせており、マルウェアの作成 ...
高度なマルウェア「VPNFilter」が猛威、54カ国50万台超のルータに感染ZDNet Japan

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Vivoのオールスクリーンスマートフォンはカメラが飛び出し方式で6月にデビュー – TechCrunch Japan

TechCrunch Japan

TechCrunch Japan
今やオールスクリーンのスマートフォンはひとつの必然性である。だから現時点の疑問は、出るか/出ないかから、どこのどれが市場に一番乗りするか、にシフトしている。G7のローンチのときLGの連中は、ノッチはあと二年ぐらいは人生の現実であると言っていたが、最近の各 ...

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指原莉乃プロデュースのアイドルグループ「=LOVE」が舞台に挑むプロジェクト第2弾は学園恋愛ゲーム『ガールフレンド(仮)』 – IGN JAPAN


ガールフレンド(仮)』はサイバーエージェントのネットサービスAmebaから提供されているソーシャルゲーム。プレイヤーは学園を舞台に多彩な女の子のキャラクターとの出会いを楽しみながら、数々の試練に挑んでいく。ゲームには堀江由衣や田村ゆかり、茅野愛衣、佐藤聡美 ...

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日立の中西会長「スマート社会 挑戦する価値」 – 日本経済新聞

日立の中西会長「スマート社会 挑戦する価値」
日立製作所の中西宏明会長は24日、人工知能(AI)などデジタル技術が基盤となる「超スマート社会」への対応に日本企業の成長機会があると呼びかけた。中西氏は31日付で経団連会長に就く予定だ。経済界トップへの就任を1週間後に控え、デジタル革命を機に、企業は成長 ...

AllSparkがホワイトペーパーを発表(共同通信PRワイヤー) – 毎日新聞

ブロックチェーンを使ってコネクティビティーの新時代をもたらすインターネット・テクノロジーの質が飛躍的に向上したにもかかわらず、ソーシャルメディア時代の大半のコンテンツクリエーターやコミュニケーターはしかるべき利益を得ることができていない。その間、広告主 ...

With Deep Foundation in Enterprise Finance, ZJLT Distributed Factoring Network Targets at the Best Blockchain DApp

SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#BlockchainDApp--In supply-chain finance, the traditional centralized management model often confronts enterprises with costly evidence taking, low efficiency and restraint from central organizations. But all those can possibly be solved by blockchain DApps featuring decentralization, disintermediation and decentralized trust. ZJLT Distributed Factoring Network is such a DApp that takes the lead in the blockchain industry.

ZJLT Distributed Factoring Network is an Ethereum-based platform of enterprise data accumulation and commercial credit evaluation. On this platform, companies can record their flows of fund, goods and invoices and other business information. All these data can be stored onto the storage network constructed on the basis of private IPFS network. Enterprises can evaluate the credit of a company with the decentralized enterprise credit evaluation system. By objectively evaluating multi-dimensions and levels of enterprise information, ZJLT hopes to build up a blockchain-based credit evaluation model and a reliable enterprise credit system and magnify the value of enterprise credit. Also, with the accumulation of credit value of individual enterprises, ZJLT will work together with companies to achieve a larger collective commercial credit value in the society.

As an excellent blockchain project, ZJLT Distributed Factoring Network has been deeply engaged in supply chain for years and has set up a relatively mature credit mechanism. With profound resources in the trade, ZJLT has established cooperation with many top supply chain players such as Amazon, Walmart and China Mobile, laying the foundation for communication crossing supply chains. As a leading player with a deep foundation in enterprise finance DApp, ZJLT has already taken the advantage in the next progress of blockchain.


Hao Qiang, 86-15210558655

ドローン百景 日本ダービー東京競馬場編 – 日刊スポーツ

ドローン百景 日本ダービー東京競馬場編
日刊スポーツ写真部ドローン班の奮闘記です。2015年4月、初めてドローン「ファントム3(DJI社)」を購入してから苦節2年、ようやく国土交通省の「飛行許可・承認書」を取得しました。ドローンを使った「空を飛んでいるような」映像や、「空中で被写体に迫った」映像を撮影してい ...

「ドローン百景 東京競馬場編」上空100m動画 – 日刊スポーツ

ドローン百景 東京競馬場編」上空100m動画
第85回日本ダービー(G1)」が行われる東京競馬場の第1コーナー付近から、ドローン「ファントム4」をゆっくり上昇させます。上空約100メートルに到達すると、正面に新宿の高層ビル群が見えました。 そのまま機体を左旋回させると、府中の街なみと府中本町駅、富士山、中央 ...