KITERETSU Now Launches a New Mobile Game "Dr. SUM" for All People Who Need Brain Exercise

Do Fun Maths with "Dr. SUM" KITERETSU's New Release on iOS and Android

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KITERETSU’s newest game app out now on App Store and Google Play. It is a simple but very fun sum puzzle game everyone can enjoy.

Dr. SUM is a sum puzzle game with very new ideas! You switch the number panels to make the sums right in both row and column. However, in some stages, you have to make 6 as 9 and vice versa, reverse plus and minus and many other tricks are included. As you clear the regular stages, you can unlock some bonus stages such as Time Attack mode and Endless Level mode.

If you connect Dr. SUM with your Facebook account, you can post your high score and you can see how your friends are doing on Friends Leaderboard.

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KITERETSU is an entertainment company founded in 2007. It creates games and animation. Its most successful game “Zookeeper” has been played by over 30 million people in many countries. KITERETSU is now focusing on HTML5 games and is planning to develop/release over 10 games in the next 6 months. Also, it is developing the brand new Zookeeper game for iOS/Android.

Title: Dr. SUM
Genre: Sum Puzzle
Official KITERETSU website:


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