meo Launches ‘blue’ – The Smart Air Quality Monitor Designed for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities

Showcasing at CES Asia 2017

Shanghai 7 - 9 June

BOOTH 2011 (N2)

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#airquality--meo Ltd launches blue - the innovative, patented, air quality monitor for smart buildings and smart cities, June 7 at a press conference in CES Asia Shanghai (Kerry Hotel @10:30). Blue measures the most relevant air quality parameters: Particulate Matter (PM 2.5 & PM 10), Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature and Humidity to help businesses and governments to understand, improve their air quality based on data and performance monitoring. Blue has been designed to do just this through the use of high quality hardware, intelligent software and machine learning, all combined in a user-friendly device. Its plug&play characteristics, 24/7 access to information through App and website, and dual connectivity (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) makes it stand out in the air quality monitor market in addition to its high quality and ease of use.

“blue helps business owners and government officials MONITOR air quality on a 24/7 basis enabling them to better PLAN and ACT to ensure better air quality – both indoor and outdoor,” said Sakétaram Soussilane, CEO of meo. “With blue we can all take measures to maintain optimal air quality in indoor spaces and government officials can better understand air quality variations to adjust air quality regulations,” he added.

This versatile and innovative device can be used indoor and outdoor, at health facilities, schools, hospitality businesses, leisure and entertainment facilities as well as offices & shopping centres. The general population’s increased knowledge and awareness of the ill-effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution, make it essential for businesses to ensure good air quality in their premises and for governments to not only track air quality based on real data but also make decisive actions to improve the air we breathe.

Meo is a Hong Kong based, health focused company providing businesses and governments innovative technology solutions to common environmental concerns with an initial focus on air quality.

Meo is also speaking at:

  • Health Panel: Four Ways in which Technology is Saving Lives on June 7 @ 3:00 Kerry Hotel, Level 3, Pudong 4.


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