5 Promising and Innovative Korean Startups to Look out for in Barcelona, Spain

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CameraFi--5 promising and innovative Korean startups, COOLJAMM, Impressivo Korea, m.Lab, Vault Micro and XrisP will be showcased through the Sonar+D. The start-ups have been selected and supported by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a government agency that supports Korean creative industry.

COOLJAMM developed HumOn. With HumOn, a hopeful composer can make music simply by humming. Whenever hopeful composer comes up with a musical tune and tries to hum, the hummed melody will be transformed into music. Whether on the street, at home or in a public place, you can make music with your humming anytime. COOLJAMM’s vision is to let the music lovers realize the dream of composing music with their mobile APP.

Impressivo Korea developed Faiv. It is the solution that can detect several input gestures as well as level and direction of force, making input system intuitive and easy. Apps are also available for automotive, extreme sports, smart wearables, sportswear etc. Their aim is to enrich and enhance people on how to interact with New Digital Devices such as wearable IoT VR connected to car and other smart devices. Their interface kit will enable people to create fabric based 3D Touch Interface into their product easily and quickly.

m.Lab developed mSTUV. It is an all-in-one video streaming platform wherein viewers can explore interesting tags while watching video. Viewers can also view, shop and search at the same time just tag the video’s timeline and it will provide all kinds of information. Throughout the Tags, users can find out information of a specific scene or items appeared. Accumulated data from user tag will connect users with their favorable services and popular products.

Vault Micro developed CameraFi Live. It is an Android application for real time live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, USTREAM and Wowza that can connect external cameras to a smartphone. Another one is CameraFi: S/W platform that connects USB/Wi-Fi camera to a smartphone. These apps can be used in healthcare, industry, automotive and sports with high compatibility and fast processing speed.

XrisP developed Smart NORI RC CAR. It can access the internet via embedded wi-fi router. Even when at work or travelling, users can connect and control RC cars by smartphone. XrisP’s mission is to create a group that can provide link to content, hardware and software. XrisP is creating animation contents (Rollercoaster Boy, Nori, Panda Wang), hardware (Nori Smart RC Car, Nori 4DX racer) and software (Showcola) and currently cooperation with New Zealand post-sound company ‘POW!’ and the Chinese film company “HENAN YORK.”

With the expectation of opportunities in the European Market, KOCCA will participate in Sonar+D with these five Korean Startups in Barcelona, Spain which will be held in Fira Montjuïc from 14th to 16th of June. It is the international conference, dedicated to Creativity, Technology and Business running concurrently with Sónar which is an electronic and advanced music festival.

KOCCA is the main governmental organization which supports the growth of these startups and is South Korea's leading government agency that oversees the advancement of Korean creative content, both domestically and internationally. KOCCA actively advances Korean content via production support, marketing and promotion, global expansion abroad, human capital development, and cultural technology implementation.

This collaboration is also accompanied by Kakao. Kakao is Korea's leading mobile platform and aims to realize its vision, connect everything through various business such as communication service, media, content, online to offline service and Fintech.


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