BPU Provides Improved Social Dialogue and Big Data Analytics for South Korean Election

Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) Advanced Candidate Moon’s Dialogue with Voters. Predictive Analytics Within One Percent.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sentiment Symposium—Validating investor trust in its recent raise of $60 million in the fourth largest crowdfunding event in history, BPU Holdings Corporation (BPU) of Seoul, South Korea, (BPU International) today details its success as Social Strategist for now President Moon, Jae-in during his recent South Korean election bid. BPU’s CEO speaks on this subject at this week’s Sentiment Symposium in New York.

“The South Korean election work of BPU provides a case study of our progress integrating machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and emotional intelligence into real-time data analytics,” states Oh, Sanggyoon, CEO for BPU Holdings. “Advanced artificial intelligence requires the human-like assessment of emotion. Our AEIOS is learning quickly how to interpret social behavior, thus adding this critical component for true AI.”

BPU consulted for the candidate on issues-driven social dialogue leveraging their Artificial Emotional Intelligence Operating System (AEIOS), machine learning, and accurate sentiment analysis. Precise predictive analytics powered positive sentiment, as well as estimates of voter turnout and projected election results within one percent of actual.

During the campaign, BPU’s AEIOS gave real-time clues as to emotional intent and intensity regarding the most important issues, as perceived by would-be voters using Twitter. BPU was then able to advise Moon on daily dialogue with voters. This real-time interaction solidified the candidate's growing lead, which ultimately resulted in victory for President Moon. In addition, the AEIOS predicted expected voter turnout and victory margin within one percent of the final outcome. This project follows on encouraging accuracy of BPU’s AEI research around the Trump/Clinton presidential race in the U.S.

“You might call this success our Moon App. We are making a lot of progress using more efficient proprietary data collection and processing methods,” states BPU CTO Art Nevarez. “Big data is now measured in Zettabytes, which requires that we leverage streamlined algorithms to provide the most relevant, timely analysis for decision making. Results so far in this infant world of AEI are very promising.”

BPU’s near decade of research bypasses much larger companies touting limited Sentiment Analysis. Some have announced simple APIs, while BPU’s AEIOS has support for both APIs and complete Sentiment Analysis applications (www.zimgo.com). While other platforms perform Syntax Analysis one sentence at a time, BPU’s AEI scores entire paragraphs, including emoticons. Others use a standard dictionary, while BPU interprets slang using configurable dictionaries. AEI provides Entity Recognition analysis, for people or organizations, over time by person, brand or entity.

About BPU

BPU Holdings is a private South Korean corporation that makes social networks better and search tech smarter, empowering the individual as the center of the connected universe. They bring this advanced technology first to the South Korean market, then the world. The company currently focuses on Big Data, Natural Language Pattern recognition, Machine Learning algorithms, Social Science and Tribe Management as a service. Information about BPU is available by contacting press@bpuholdings.com.


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