Form the Habit of Mindfulness

Driven by artificial intelligence, Aware meditation app doubles the likelihood of users practicing mindfulness as a habit.

BENGALURU, India--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than 70% of people who try meditation give up within the first week itself. Aware meditation app, with its proprietary habit formation technology, is about to change it. The app which recently completed its beta program has doubled the likelihood of users sticking to the program and practicing mindfulness daily.

“What is really unique about Aware is that our mindfulness experts work along with behavioral scientists to design program components that help people form habits in a predictable and scientific way,” said Avinash Saurabh, CEO of Aware. One such component developed by the App maker is ‘Energizers’. After the user completes their daily mindfulness session, the app recommends 3 to 4 minutes energizers that the user can practice throughout the day. These energizers are uniquely designed for each session and help the user form a habit by creating continuity in the practice. “Our users are 93% more likely to continue with the practice once they start with the program,” added Avinash.

Unlike most other apps that have few week-long programs, Aware has also developed an artificially intelligent ‘Daily Guide’ program that adds a new session for the user every day. After the user completes a three-week-long foundation course, they can activate the ‘Daily Guide’ program. The program learns from the users’ interaction with the app to provide new customized session every day.

“Mindfulness is not just about a 10-minute daily session. The true benefit of mindfulness can only be experienced if the practitioner can extend the practice into daily life,” said Lama Yeshe Regbe, a monk who has been guiding the product team. He further added, “The team at Aware has been able to help users engage with the practice on a continuing basis which is what makes the app so effective.”

Aware’s mission is to measurably improve happiness in the world by helping people be more mindful. With this intent, the app has been made available for free to students, schools, universities, and nonprofits working in the area of mental health. The app also follows a unique, no questions asked premium upgrade policy where they upgrade any user to premium if they are unable to pay for the subscription. “Our subscription model is mission-driven and not profit-driven,” said Avinash.


Pushpak Chakraborty