MoFit: The Most Flattering Shirt Project Launches on Indiegogo

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CrowdFunding--Reviewmerce Co. Ltd, a startup company in Korea, announced that its ‘MoFit Project’ launched on Indiegogo in November 2017.

MoFit is a clothing project that takes away the guessing work that comes with sizing. It makes clothes that fit you through crowd sizing and clustering method.

According to a research, only 50% of ready-made clothes are well-fitted - 25% of them do not fit well, and the rest of them are never. People waste their time and money to find the clothes that fit their body, and a lot of them tweet complaints about this issue. At MOFIT, sizing is a mathematical equation that will solve all fit problems.

MoFit collects size dimensions from backers and from there it will create subgroups of those with similar dimensions. The more people that sign up, the more exact the fit becomes. In other words, as groups get bigger, then smaller subgroups can split off into more exact measurements. Doing away with standard sizes that force customers into broad boxes, it will create even more detail size system.

MoFit was created in cooperation with professional tailors and garment factory. After many months of its in-depth research and numerous fitting, MoFit is finally introduced to people.

MoFit was also awarded by Korean Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy for the utilization of public data which would aid apparel sizing technology.

MoFit on Indiegogo can be found at


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