Polaris Office on Black Friday Sale in 148 Countries

- ‘Polaris Office Pro’ and ‘Polaris Office Smart’ will be up to 60% off

- The apps can convert PDF files to MS Office documents for editing and also support all document formats

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#BlackFriday--Polaris Office Inc. is rolling out Black Friday deals on its applications. It will take up to 60% off their original prices in 148 countries for personal users.

If you subscribe to Polaris Office during the sale, you can use ‘Polaris Office Pro’ for $24 a year and ‘Polaris Office Smart’ for $16 a year.

‘Polaris Office Pro’ and ‘Polaris Office Smart’ enable users not only to view and edit files in most formats, including MS Office, HWP, TXT and ODF files, but also to convert PDF files to Word, Sheet or Slide documents for editing. The apps are very useful in doing classroom group assignments, managing team projects or scheduling group activities. Multiple users can access and edit the same document simultaneously from various devices such as desktop PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, tablet PCs and the web. The apps also come with a text-to-speech function which reads written texts with natural voices that users choose. Users can draw shapes and tables directly on documents with various pens.

“Each day more than 50,000 people subscribe to Polaris Office, which has secured over 70 million subscribers worldwide. The number of monthly active users of its PC version, on which we have recently concentrated, has risen to 750,000. These numbers indicate that users are fascinated with new Polaris Office features such as cloud, PDF editing and collaborative editing,” Polaris Office CEO Miles Lee said, “I hope more people will be able to create documents more easily and faster whenever and wherever they want to by getting the big discounts on Polaris Office.”

More information on Polaris Office’s Black Friday sale can be found at www.polarisoffice.com.

About Polaris Office, Inc.

Polaris Office is an office suite of applications for office workers to edit files in most formats, including MS Office and Adobe PDF files. It has been preinstalled in more than 900 million smart devices worldwide, and has more than 70 million cloud office subscribers. For details on Polaris Office or to download it, please visit the Polaris Office website at www.polarisoffice.com.


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