Warehouse TERRADA Launches ARCHI−DEPOT STOCK, the World’s First Cloud Storage Service for Architectural Models

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On Thursday, December 14, 2017, Warehouse TERRADA will begin providing the ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK web service enabling the storage of architectural models for 500 yen per month for one unit (100cm x 100cm x 45cm) and the management of architectural models using photographs.
Architectural models are imbued with the thought processes of architects and architects’ studios along with the vital essence of architectural culture. They are also gaining attention for having high quality in terms of design and technique. However, architects are faced with the issues of lacking space to store their models and having no place to display their work and concepts. This service resolves these issues and also enables them to communicate their architectural model works worldwide via the web. It also provides the opportunity to display works in ARCHI-DEPOT Museum, an exhibition facility dedicated to architectural models rarely seen anywhere in the world, which opened last year on Tennoz Isle, Tokyo.
By enhancing functionality of the service in a variety of ways in the future, we will create a platform for architectural culture.

[Overview of the ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK Service] https://stock.archi-depot.com

●The registration fee to be a permanent member is 9,000 yen per account
●When depositing a model:
- Registered models can be made public or kept private.
- The storage fee is 500 yen per month for one unit (100cm x 100cm x 45cm)
- Deposited works are published on the ARCHI-DEPOT STOCK site
- If set to be public, an opportunity is also provided to exhibit works in special exhibitions held in ARCHI-DEPOT Museum on Tennoz Isle, Tokyo.
* Not all works can be exhibited because curation is carried out by the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum.
- Precious works will be stored safely under strict security in a temperature and humidity environment controlled optimally for the storage of architectural models.
- Models can be retrieved at any time.
* Prior reservation via the web is required.
●If models cannot be deposited, photographs taken by users can be registered and published on the web.
●Other functions such as purchase and sale are planned to be added in the future.

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Foundation: October 1950
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