Asia’s AI Leader, iFLYTEK, Showcases AI+ Smart Devices and Unveiled AI-powered Translation System at CES

iFLYTEK Displays Live Demonstrations of Leading Speech Technologies and AI+ devices at iFLYTEK Booth

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iFLYTEK, the largest publicly-listed AI and intelligent speech and language technologies provider in the Asia-Pacific region, announced at the company’s first-ever CES, that the company is expanding to the U.S. and global markets.

As Asia’s leader in AI voice-based technologies, iFLYTEK hosted live demonstrations of world class speech and language technologies, including the XiaoYi Multi-language Translator, which supports offline translation and emergency contact. iFLYTEK also unveiled a new Smart Interpretation (SI) functionality for the company’s IFLYREC family of speech technology products, as well as iFLYTEK’s AIUI Interactive Conversational Interface. The first generation AIUI Interactive Conversational Interface was named a technology breakthrough by MIT Tech Review in 2016.

The updated AIUI system supports active conversation, language self-adaption, Chinese dialect recognition, multi-mode interaction, full duplexity communication and personalized accent recognition. The system has been applied to iFLYTEK’s products and is open to developers through the iFLYTEK Open Platform.

At iFLYTEK’s CES booth (No.25608), tradeshow attendees got a first-hand look at iFLYTEK’s core technologies, including voice recognition, multi-language processing, machine translation and other smart customer services, that can be used in the automobile, finance, home appliance, healthcare and education industries.

“For nearly 18 years, iFLYTEK has been dedicated to the research of speech intelligence and exploring the most natural form of human-machine interaction. From enabling machines from listening and speaking, to understanding and thinking based on iFLYTEK’s hyper-brain program, we aim to revolutionize the way of human-machine interaction,” Hu Yu, executive president of iFLYTEK said. “We look forward to working with global partners to expand cross-global AI+ applications.”

iFLYTEK has won a series of global awards for speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine understating and logic thinking including the CHiME Challenge champion, Blizzard Challenge and Winograd Schema Challenge 2016. iFLYTEK aims to build an open AI ecosystem with iFLYTEK AI Open Platform for global developers and global cooperation.

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Established in 1999, iFLYTEK has been dedicated to the research of speech intelligence and exploring the most natural form of human-machine interaction. iFLYTEK was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008 (stock code: 002230). iFLYTEK's intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technologies, such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech evaluation, and natural language processing, represent the top level in the world.

iFLYTEK has occupied more than 70% of Chinese speech industry market share. It provides speech solution for more than 2,000 companies in the whole industry and has launched the world's first "iFLYTEK voice cloud" platform, which provides intelligent speech interaction capability for mobile Internet industry (currently there are more than 80,000 project partners and more than 700 million end-users, promoting the application of intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technology into education, mobile phones, automotive, appliance and other industries, serving millions of households). Meanwhile iFLYTEK applies AI abilities and speech intelligence into lifestyle scenarios like mobile IFLY Smart Input APP, XiaoYi Smart Translator, Smart home speaker Dingdong and etc. For more information, visit


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