Introducing New Chinese Learning App: ‘Stroke-by-Stroke’

Hong Kong-based company is fundraising for the future of educational technology

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technology plays a key role in education, helping to engage, motivate and push a student’s capabilities to new levels. For those learning languages, new developments are offering a fresh approach. Interactive and engaging methods for delivering content have enhanced the learning process, making the experience of acquiring a new language not only enjoyable, but effective.

Stroke-by-Stroke, a new app from Utopia Online

For anyone who’s ever tried to learn Chinese characters, it can feel more like drawing than writing. The characters are complex, and the practice required to commit characters to memory can seem a laborious task. That’s where Stroke-by-Stroke is shaking up the learning journey, with an interactive app designed to help primary school students aged 5–11 years learn how to write Chinese characters. The app uses the writing pad of a smartphone to simulate the process of writing Chinese characters; as if the pad is a canvas and your finger is the brush.

Benefits and opportunities

In a world where content is king, Stroke-by-Stroke offers bite-sized lessons with innovative features to support learners and make regular learning more accessible and enjoyable. By harnessing the power of gamification, Stroke-by-Stroke gives students instant feedback on their progress and challenges them with dynamic, engaging exercises. New features in the user’s interface make learning Chinese characters precise, focussed and even addictive.

By having the app readily available in their back pocket, students are able to learn on the go and can fit regular study into their schedules. The easy-to-use and fun design of the app means moments travelling on public transport, waiting for friends or just browsing the internet can be put to more productive use. Students can engage with the app in daily life, removing barriers to language learning, such as lack of time, commitment to practice and motivation.

Bringing the app to young learners everywhere

Now, Utopia Online is looking to make Stroke-by-Stroke a reality. By crowdfunding to further develop the app and bring it to market, Utopia Online hopes to reach audiences all over the world. Backers can visit (for Indiegogo), or (for Kickstarter) and pledge to see the app come to fruition.


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