Train Your Brain: Learn Chinese Characters

New brain-benefitting Chinese character learning app, ‘Stroke-by-Stroke’ is fundraising for the future.

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, students around the world are increasingly interested in learning Chinese. Some are drawn by the pull of a foreign culture or the challenges of a new language; others see Chinese language skills as a way to unlock a world of opportunities in commerce and finance.

But studies have shown that the academic and cognitive benefits of learning Chinese characters could be reasons in themselves to start practicing. A paper from Indiana University in the U.S., published in October 2010, published findings which indicated the impact of handwriting on cognitive development. All handwriting relies on a complex series of brain functions, which in turn help to develop motor skills, pattern and shape recognition, and support other cognitive abilities.

For both native Chinese speakers, and those taking it up as a second language, this is highly beneficial. Chinese characters are complex. They differ to English, written in a right-to-left linear style, and require strokes in different directions.

However, it is difficult to decipher Chinese characters if you have never encountered them before, which is why new e-learning tools are opening up opportunities for students to explore the world of characters.

Introducing Stroke-by-Stroke, a new app from Utopia Online Limited

Stroke-by-Stroke, a new app from Utopia Online Limited is designed to help primary school students aged 5–11 years learn how to write Chinese characters. This interactive app uses the writing pad of a smartphone to simulate the process of writing Chinese characters. As students move their stylus or finger to trace and draw characters, the parts of their brain that are involved in spatial memory are activated.

With engaging exercises, the act of learning Chinese characters is precise, focussed and even addictive. By having the app readily available on your smartphone or device, users can fit regular study into their schedules. The app’s easy-to-use features means learning can happen on the go and practice doesn’t have to become a chore.

Fundraising for the future

To make learning Chinese characters more accessible, Utopia Online Limited is fundraising to make Stroke-by-Stroke a reality. By crowdfunding to further develop the app and bring it to audiences everywhere, Utopia Online Limited hopes to share the benefits and rewards of learning characters with everyone. If you’d like to pledge, visit (for Indiegogo), or (for Kickstarter) and pledge to see the app come to fruition.


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